What We Do

The transition to adulthood can be a challenging experience for anyone, regardless of personal background, socioeconomic status, gender, identity or race. It is certainly more challenging for youth who do not have the economic, familial or social supports that can assist them to overcome the many challenges on their journey to self-sufficiency and independence.  Be That Person is a non-profit organization that aims to provide a safety net and support network for transition age youth.

Our program complements formal education and serves as a bridge to real life experiences. We believe that once students are equipped with the tools necessary to make informed decisions about their lives and futures that they will become productive and contributing members of society. 

Be That Person provides an extensive life skills program focusing on the following:

  • Goal Setting
  • Financial Literacy
  • Personal Healthcare and Grooming
  • Social Skills and Manners
  • Driving and Auto Maintenance
  • Coping with Emotions
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Sex Education
  • Safety Skills
  • Employability Skills
  • Life After High School
  • Community Payback