Be That Person Inc. will equip the youth; our future leaders of America with necessary life skills and mental preparedness to embark on today's real world's challenges. We provide the armor your son or daughter, niece or nephew, grandchild or student will need to be battle ready in a nation that is often battle weary and not prepared for life's unforeseen challenges. Our organization will help the young focus on reaching life goals one small step at a time, with well-trained mentors and educators who specialize in life coaching. From personal healthcare and grooming to financial literacy, BTP will provide advice and resources to young adults who may not be as exposed to these necessary traits as much as they should be. BTP is here for the working parent(s), grandparent(s) or parental guardian(s) who want to commit their time to their young, but simply put - can't due to life just happening or lack of resources.




"Be the person you needed when you were younger."